Sci-Fi Warrior Babe

Long Legs Dancer Nikki Nova
Long Legs Dancer Nikki Nova

This where it all began in our first season of XXXSpacegirl episodes introducing the opening cast with… Sci-Fi Warrior Babe Nikki Nova, Jade Marcela, Dita Von Teese, Nicki, Midori, Kasorn Swan! The XXXSpacegirls Universe is a world inhabited by only women but it wasnt always that way. Long ago there used to be men before the attack of the sexoids. The Sexoids our a band of small to large robots that hunt down every living male species ridding planets of all possibilities of reproduction. Turning planets into wastelands transforming them into fertilization centers to reproduce their species merging their robotic genes with every living race for what purpose is still uncertain. Many centuries ago the XXXSpacegirls planet called “O” was attacked by these robotic sex creatures where they almost completed their mission but not before one man saved the XXXSpacegirls with a dairing escape. Lola’s distant relative General Kain was the the leader that brought them to Valleys under the mysterious Mount Shazoon! Long since General Kain’s death the Spacegirls have organized an army to protect their fellow sisters from any future sinister attacks! Until Now! As the sexoids have located their new home and have reinfected their pure planet with an army of 1000’s of these sexrobots!

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